Most people enjoy one or two bottles of beer. It is addictive, and no one misses an excuse for not having it. It is one drink that makes you be yourself. The majority of the silent people become noisy after a drink or two.

Some employers use it to their advantage. They avail it as a menu in a team-building event to read the mind of their employees. Its importance is crucial in making tough decisions.

On the other hand, health experts advocate for beer consumption in moderation. It is responsible for increasing the metabolic rate of the consumer, making one active hence promoting the overall health of the individual.

Apart from that, other benefits of beer that aid in uplifting the social and physical status of the beer consumer include

  1. Widens your social circle
    How do you get to improve your social status? 

Well … 

It is possible when you have time for your friends, who may not necessarily be workmates. Most times, you do this over a cup of beer or coffee. With beer, you get to go through the nightlife with lots of fun like dancing. At the end of it, you get to improve your social skills, which in turn enhances your social personality.

  1. Stress reliever
    Life and work-related stresses can take a toll on your body. At times, you may not have quick solutions to them. Instead of taking sleeping pills which have adverse side effects, why not take a bottle of beer? It allows your mind to relax and think of nothing in specific. During that time, you may engage in a social activity that enhances your cognitive function. It is important to note that it just relieves but not cure. Researchers advocate for the consumption of bottled beer in moderation.
  2. Sharpens one’s mind
    According to the Telegraph, scientists prove that people who take beer just before an aptitude test perform better than the rest. That is clear proof that alcohol has a positive impact when it comes to brain function stimulation.

Do you know that even when drunk, a motorist can never be caught by for overspeeding?

It is, therefore, of great importance to have a glass from time to time to exercise your brain to increase your Intelligence Quotient.

  1. Strengthens the teeth and the bones
    The high concentration of silicon as an element in alcohol plays a significant role in strengthening the bones and tissue. However, this is only of benefit when there is a limit on the amount of alcohol you consume.
    Otherwise, you might have dental challenges, which include osteoporosis. A dental weakness reduces the mineral bone density and further stimulates the bacteria affecting the bones and the teeth.
  2. Burns fat( cholesterol)
    The main advantage of alcohol is its ability to absorb its content without changing it to saturated fat. This phenomenon explains why people tend to take meat before drinking spree.

The alcohol erodes the stomach lining leading to digestive- track challenges. 
It is the same effect it has on body fat. Once it comes in contact with the lining, the corrosion effect burns the stored saturated fat. The increase in metabolic activity stimulates most of the body cells to be active- a form of exercise that also comes in handy to burn the excess fat.

  1. Aids in quick body recovery
    During a workout activity, there is a loss of water from the body- the essence of any physical exercise. A research study proves that instead of water – as a standard drink after a workout. Bottled beer is vital for fast healing and body recovery. What a new study which goes away from the norm.
  2. Lowers blood pressure
    There is a close relationship that exists between heart health and alcohol consumption. It is also directly linked to the fact that there are minimal calories that the drink adds to the body.

Because there is an increase in physical activity; then there will be an increase in the surface area, reducing the fat lining, which increases the surface area. The principle of surface area to volume ration applies here.

Alcohol increases the surface area to volume ratio of the blood vessels. It means then there is adequate space for blood flow. When it is lower, then blood strains to pass through the veins, capillaries, and arteries leading to an increase in blood pressure.

When we talk about bottled beer, then there are many brands. Just like you have a food menu, there is also a beer menu available for your choice. It is your taste and how you want it served that makes the difference. To get maximum health benefits, then the additional ingredients you use to help with come in handy to give you specific nutrients.