4 Reasons to Enjoy Outdoor Dining with Us



A toast over a dinner

Summer is a great time for outdoor dining.

When the weather is great, dining al fresco and eating out on decks and patios become inevitable.


Why’s outdoor dining so appealing?

Warm breezes and calming nature sounds make dining outdoors a great experience. What’s more, science backs the essence and experience of eating outdoors.

Even just a short break of eating outdoors can benefit you in more ways than you’d imagine. Some benefits include:

  • Increased creativity
  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels
  • Better concentration
  • Improves mood and happiness
  • Improved memory
  • A great way to relax and experience nature
  • Fosters faster healing

Here’re four reasons to give outdoor dining a try:

Top 4 Reasons to Experience the Wood Tavern Outdoor Dining

  1. Better atmosphere and barbecues

Outdoor space offers you and your family a pleasing and unique environment for dining. With barbecue in the scene, food outdoors often tastes better than when eaten indoors.

Moderate temperatures, fresh air, and sunshine at the right level create an impeccable outdoor dining experience.

What’s more, the outdoor setting offers a romantic atmosphere for you and your spouse to share memorable moments. Is there a better way to spend your date night than under the moonlit sky?

Moreover, the best propane fire pit would keep you warm. Designed to blend with outdoor furniture beautifully, the fire pits are both functional and decorative.

  • Increased production of vitamin D

Many Americans suffer from vitamin D deficiency, hence the need to eat outdoors more often.

Eating outdoors boost vitamin D production. When sunlight hits your skin, the process begins. About 15 minutes of outdoor dining a few times weekly, according to Harvard Medical School, is enough to meet your needs for vitamin D every week.

Vitamin D, according to various studies, prevents osteoporosis and protects against cancer. The vitamin also:

  • Builds and strengthens bones
  • Offers protection against heart attacks
  • Prevents depression and stroke
  • Relaxes and promotes faster healing

Dining outdoors gives you an opportunity to slow down from your busy life and relax. Most Americans spend about 90% of their lifetime indoors, explaining why many of them are vitamin D deficient.

It’s sensible to spend more time outdoors through dining to breathe in fresh air and relax.

What’s more, outdoor dining fosters recoveries in patients. According to the Harvard School of Health report, spinal surgery patients exposed to natural light through outdoor dining or other ways took fewer medications for pain and experienced less stress and pain.

  • The Wood Tavern offers amazing food

We offer great food for every taste out there.

A step into our outdoor dining area leaves you feeling energized and relaxed. Whether you’re dining with family or friends, you’ll get lost in a lush green atmosphere filled with chill music and soft lighting.

Live music over the weekend is something to look forward to.

Our great menu features all kinds of mouth-watering local dishes and international cuisines, including cocktails. With delicious meals, a charming environment, and excellent service, the Wood Tavern in Miami is your go-to restaurant for outdoor dining.

Our outdoor space accommodates more than 40 people, making it perfect for private events.

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